Custom Corner

Depicted below is a sloped box and plexiglas cover. The sloped box is made from a clam shell design and comes complete with rubber feet.


Options: Available at additional cost:

  1. Custom Painting /Powder Coating.
  2. Styles and Sizes .

Electrical Box Cover With Recessed Connectors


        These black anodized laser engraved panels will fit most standard electrical box cover and  converts them into recessed 45 degree connector panels. Connector size and type will determine the amount of connectors that can be placed in the recessed pocket.


1) Pocket size can be adjusted to allow for additional connectors.

2) These panels can be custom painted at an additional cost.

3) A minimum box depth of 4-6 inch is required for this style of panel.



Outdoor utility Box with slide and swing shelf

 This weather resistant box was designed with a slide out/swing out shelf that allows access to the front of a card frame.  This stadium concept could be applied to any numbers of venues. The slide and swing shelf will allow you complete access to your mounted unit. The above unit shows access to a card frame which allows insertion or removal of cards without disconnecting the frame.


1) Additional options include locking doors, cooling fans and exhaust port to reduce the internal temperatures to acceptable levels.

2) Interior panels can be punched engraved or even painted a custom color.

3 Switches can be mounted to the door or shelf allowing for normally open or normally closed security connections.