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Standard rack panels are fabricated from aluminum. They are available in both 16 gauge and 1/8" black or clear anodized material or 16 gauge steel with a painted finish. All panels are available with out flanges. Other materials are available upon request. Click link for additional information.

  • 1)  Panels can be ordered with or without custom engraving.
  • 2) Most connectors available.
  • 3) Sizes from 1 rack unit to 26 rack units.
  • 4) Available in a variety of custom colors at an additional cost.
  • 5) Powder coated, painted , or anodized - call for information.

sloped Boxes

Put Controls at your finger tips. Each box is built of two pieces of 1/8" black anodized aluminum. These units are laser engraved and comes complete with rubber feet. Boxes are designed to fit on a desk top,  conference table, a classroom or even in your control room.

1) Rear connector panel or cable access.

2) Call for available sizes.

  • 3) Custom designs available.

  • 4) Available in a variety of custom colors for an additional cost.

Table Top Racks

If size matters this may be your answer. Constructed from 16 gauge steel and painted black. Includes front and rear rack rail. Table racks come in a variety of sizes. They will fill most of your small rack needs.       

  1. Sizes from 2 rack units to 20 rack units.
  2. Standard depths are 6 and 12 inches.
  3. Optional paint colors.
  4. Custom design and size can be made upon request.